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Coastal / Casual


Coastal life is comfortable, relaxed, worry-free…and the Coastal style is reminiscent of those attitudes. Furniture in this style is crafted from durable, simple, and natural textiles, and are casually arranged to maximize comfort. You’ll find clear blues, sea greens, tans, and creamy whites coloring this look like seashells in the sand. Nautical accents like starfish, coral, and shells will help lighten up this look; candles and fire features will give it modern sophistication.

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Walk the line between formal and casual. Traditional furniture is sophisticated without being stuffy, and homey with a twist of refined elegance. The linchpin of traditional design is a sense of symmetry and equal weight, both in the bones of a space and the furnishings. Traditional colors are mellow and mannerly including creams, tans, grays and browns, but rich jewel tones, sophisticated pastels, or clear, bright hues can work nicely too.

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Contemporary / Modern


Contemporary styles maximize minimalism with sleek and powerful designs that forgo frills in favor of function. Furnishings are streamlined and sleek, with none of the decorative embellishments found on more traditional pieces. Colors tend to be pale and neutral, though contemporary rooms can also accommodate statement pieces of bright and offbeat hues. This style is perfect for making a space feel spacious or selectively simple.

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Transitional style exists in the realm between contemporary and traditional. Traditional pieces lose some of their frills, but gain an airiness and modern look without losing a sense of comfort and sophistication. Modern pieces gain some weight and become more inviting and homey. This style is simple but not austere, warm but not cloying, it feels both fresh and timeless.

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New Traditional


New Traditional places emphasis on statement pieces and function while still maintaining an air of distinct elegance that is found in the Traditional style. Where the color palette for Transitional may be restrained, dominated by neutral tones, and clean, New Tradition relies on bold and colorful patterns to help a room feel unique. You should feel comfortable drawing from multiple periods and finishes to create a room that pops and fits your needs.

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